Visiting Yosemite National Park

Image Courtesy Scenic Reflections

From the city to the mountains… my life truly started when I moved to Oakhurst, CA.  Yosemite National Park is my "backyard" playground. I am able to raise my children in mountains, while teaching them about the beauty of nature.

The southern gate to Yosemite is just few miles away from my house.  When we are looking for an adventure, we will hop in the car and drive further up 41 HWY into the park. If we are looking for a quick trip, then we will turn right and visit Mariposa Grove of Giant Sequoias. The Mariposa Grove of Giant Sequoias is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! You could take the Big Trees Tram Tour or hike the loop. We’ve always hiked! I love looking up and seeing the trees touch the sky. Take a deep breath because you are in the middle of giants… and it is nature at its best!

Looking to spend the day in Yosemite? Turn left and you can head to the valley. Along the way you can stop at the numerous water falls ~ Yosemite Falls, Bridalveil Fall, Vernal Fall, Nevada Fall, Horsetail Fall, Ribbon Fall and Illilouette Fall. My kids love watching the water cascade over the tip of the mountain and feel the mist of water gentle moisten their faces.

Yosemite National Park has so much to offer. Whether you are interested in sightseeing, camping, hiking, skiing, etc…Yosemite has an adventure just waiting for you!


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  • Alisa says...

    Thank Ladies! I can’t wait to see the others imegas! It was beyond fun and they were such troopers. Especially Kim in those heels! She’s my hero

    On Mar 25, 2015

  • Shari says...

    I live in the Bay Area and I’ve never been to Yosemite. I really need to go now after reading this post!

    On Aug 12, 2014

  • Chris says...

    This is my backyard too! I love going up there!

    On Aug 07, 2014

  • Pam Allen says...

    We live in the Bay Area and been wanting to go to Yosemite for a long time. Your pictures are gourgoues. Someday we will go! Thanks!

    On Aug 07, 2014

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