47-inch Tactical Belt

47-inch Tactical Belt

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Crafted from ultra-strong nylon mesh and a solid stainless steel belt buckle with a 6,000 lb. rating, the 1.5" Tactical Belt provides more than enough support and durability to carry your holster and accessories comfortably and securely. With heavy reinforced stitching, the 1.5" Tactical Belt can be quickly converted into a secure tie down, secondary carry strap, or emergency harness.



  • 47 inch length (120cm)
  • 1.5 inch width (3.8cm)
  • .07 inch thickness (2mm)
  • Strong, durable, and functional
  • Converts to a tie down, carry strap, or emergency harness
  • Stainless steel, 6,000 lb. buckle
  • Fade and rip resistant
  • Ultra-strong nylon mesh
  • Heavy stich reinforcements
  • Buckle finished in black matte