Carabiner Pulley Clip Multitool

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The World's #1 Pulley Clip Multitool

Coming for FREE with your next order at NPD, the Carabiner Pulley Clip Multitool is a multifunctional device that can be used for hiking or climbing in the woods, as a tool around the worksite or as a functional device in the home. The Carabiner Clip’s primary function is as a climbing aid, able to be attached to any standard-sized paracord to raise and lower yourself with ease, either at your belt or on the cliff face. However, the multitool also comes with a variety of other functions and uses. The heavy-duty clip can be used to secure supplies in place for long trips, or to fasten and hold keys and other small valuables to a backpack. The hex-plate design provides a large surface area for gripping nuts and bolts in a variety of sizes. The multitool even comes with a bottle-opener/prying surface, for gripping and pulling away at tough, unbending metal and plastic.

One heavy-duty carabiner clip may be added for FREE with your next order at NPD. You only pay for shipping! Claim yours now.


  • Stainless steel design is durable and damage-resistant
  • Several integrated tools, including the clip itself, a pulley, bottle opener, and a set of hex designs for fastening and loosening nuts and bolts
  • Included for free with an NPD order! (Limit 1 per order)