Credit Card 11-in-1 Survival Tool

Credit Card 11-in-1 Survival Tool

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"High quality stainless steel, high strength, contains sharp edges. Comes with a black leather protective cover.  Its size is the same as a credit card, To store this Credit Card TOOL with ease, can be put in a wallet or clipped on a key ring, Its very convenient and E-Z to carry.



  • Can opener: the following hook the used together with the mouth is, can be easily open tin cans;
  • The knife: sharp edge, cutting ropes, wash clean cut fruit more is not a problem;
  • A screwdriver: Angle, thickness reasonable, common flat head screw;
  • Straightedge rule: the metric scale, the minimum scale for mm;
  • Bottle opener: suitable for beer bottle, beverage and etc and cover open;
  • Serrated: double row crisscross jagged, increase strength, improve efficiency.
  • Direction instructions: 16 available equal parts of scale measuring
  • Positioning wrench: two different types/ six wrench sizes total.
  • Live wrench: for use on hex head bolts and nuts