NPD Long Lasting Match

NPD Long Lasting Match

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This is a must-have emergency tool for every backpacker, camper, or survivalist. Always have a flame handy and light up in style with this Long Lasting Match from National Parks Depot!

This ever-strike match is built out of a rectangular, stainless-steel and plastic shell, and contains lighter fluid and a metal rod within. One end of the metal rod has an easy-burning wick on the end, which is scratched against the long flint rod on the side of the lighter to produce a flame. This easy-burning match is a must-have component for any survival kit or camping bag. You can claim this match for FREE with your order, so grab one now!


  • Includes the lighter case, lighter fluid, and metal lighting rod
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Comes for free with any order (limit 1 freebie per order)

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