NPD High Powered Flashlight and Headlamp Bundle

NPD High Powered Flashlight and Headlamp Bundle

Current Price: $ 34.99 USD - Compared To: $ 99.99

The ultimate light lovers bundle is just what it sounds like! Two very high powered lights that can be used in any situation. 

The products in this bundle have great reviews. Previously, the headlamp by itself cost the price of this bundle. Grab yours today for a steal of a deal!.


1 - 2,000 lumen max output NPD headlamp

1 - 2,000 lumen max output NPD Flashlight

3 - Rechargeable batteries

2 - Home chargers

1 - Car charger

1 - Battery adapter

1 - Flashlight carry case

The NPD Flashlight is made of Aircraft Grade Aluminum to protect it in any situation. Water resistant for more than 1 hour, this light is perfect for all times!

The NPD Headlamp is perfect for those situations where light is needed, but you can't spare a hand. Maybe while peaking in caves, or working under your car hood, this headlamp is a must have!

Grab your bundle today!