3 Top Activities in Acadia National Park

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As an avid outdoors family, we love our National Parks. Anytime we can get our hike on, we do. One of our all-time favorite National Parks is Acadia National Park in Maine. For many summers, both with and without children, we'e spent time in Acadia's 48,000-acre terrain. In fact, my husband and I honeymooned in Acadia. It's a wonderful family-friendly park with hikes and activities for all ages along it’s rocky coasts and granite mountaintops.

3 Top Activities in Acadia National Park   

Cadillac Mountain

We have hiked Cadillac Mountain, the focal point of the park with a summit of 1,530 feet. It's the highest point on the East Coast. Not able to hike? Not a problem because Cadillac Mountain also offers a scenic drive for those not able to hike it.  

Carriage Trails

photo credit: AcadiaNationalPark.com

photo credit: AcadiaNationalPark.com


For bikers, there are beautiful Carriage Trails throughout the park offering scenic views and smooth terrain great for walking and biking. My personal favorite experience while in the park is taking the Carriage Trails and then making a quick stop at Jordan Pond House for popovers and tea.  

Junior Ranger Program

Photo credit: http://www.nps.gov/

Photo credit: http://www.nps.gov/

  If you have kids, the Junior Ranger Program is a must-do activity in Acadia. From May through October, kids can take part in the program to lean about the park. They complete fun activities and ranger-led programs to earn their certificate and patch to become Junior Rangers.

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    I love Acadia National Park! I was born in Maine but I can’t remember if I’ve ever been to the top of Cadillac mountain. I think we did as a child (everyone does) but it is definitely on my Must-Do list for the next time i go back to Maine in the summer.

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