Lighter Clothes, Bigger Bag

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Happy Monday! Said no one ever.

One more week until spring. Just one more week…

I’ve been finishing off that list of to-dos that I posted last week. But this week, I want to take it a different direction.

See, last week I was putting away my winter clothes, and asked myself, “what am I missing?” Since I am (extremely) eagerly awaiting the arrival of spring, I’m all for doing whatever I can to get it here sooner, and that includes shopping for it.

Then, when it doesn’t get here sooner, I can incessantly complain about it!

Well, this week I decided that a new backpack was in order. In the winter, I use a couple of waterproof bags that could probably take bullets, since they’re heavy-duty and my stuff is safe from the elements. Do you have one of our big military bags? They’re pretty much like that.

But this week I decided, “you know, I’m tired of hauling these big things around.”

So, this week I asked my boss, “hey, do we carry anything that’s a little lighter and easier to carry?” And he showed me these new shoulder bags we’ve just stocked, and offered me one. 

Now, I gotta say – when it comes to bag quality, this is one of the best that I’ve seen. I’m not just saying that. This is the spring bag of this season. And I know – it’s not exactly an “outdoorsy” type backpack, and I probably wouldn’t take it hiking. But I mean… I was carrying my work supplies in a military bag. It was tough, but it liked to be wrestled with.

If you need something soft, this bag’s got it. Something with some decent straps, so you can carry everything – it’s got it. My only complaint is that I have an ancient behemoth of a laptop – the bag is a little bit small for carrying that enormous brick. So if you’ve got a small laptop, you’ll probably fine. Mine’s just enormous is all.

So if you’re looking for something to revitalize your spring a little bit, look no further. This bag screams “warm weather!” every time you look at it.

Grab yours today.


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