• Lighter Clothes, Bigger Bag

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    Happy Monday! Said no one ever.

    One more week until spring. Just one more week…

    I’ve been finishing off that list of to-dos that I posted last week. But this week, I want to take it a different direction.

    See, last week I was putting away my winter clothes, and asked myself, “what am I missing?” Since I am (extremely) eagerly awaiting the arrival of spring, I’m all for doing whatever I can to get it here sooner, and that includes shopping for it.

    Then, when it doesn’t get here sooner, I can incessantly complain about it!

    Well, this week I decided that a new backpack was in order. In the winter, I use a couple of waterproof bags that could probably take bullets, since they’re heavy-duty and my stuff is safe from the elements. Do you have one of our big military bags? They’re pretty much like that.

    But this week I decided, “you know, I’m tired of hauling these big things around.”

    So, this week I asked my boss, “hey, do we carry anything that’s a little lighter and easier to carry?” And he showed me these new shoulder bags we’ve just stocked, and offered me one. 

    Now, I gotta say – when it comes to bag quality, this is one of the best that I’ve seen. I’m not just saying that. This is the spring bag of this season. And I know – it’s not exactly an “outdoorsy” type backpack, and I probably wouldn’t take it hiking. But I mean… I was carrying my work supplies in a military bag. It was tough, but it liked to be wrestled with.

    If you need something soft, this bag’s got it. Something with some decent straps, so you can carry everything – it’s got it. My only complaint is that I have an ancient behemoth of a laptop – the bag is a little bit small for carrying that enormous brick. So if you’ve got a small laptop, you’ll probably fine. Mine’s just enormous is all.

    So if you’re looking for something to revitalize your spring a little bit, look no further. This bag screams “warm weather!” every time you look at it.

    Grab yours today.

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  • How To Create A Camping Meal Your Family Will Never Forget!

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    By Dan.

    Ah, the Fall… out here in California, November means that the leaves are changing, the temperatures are dropping, and the stuffy heat of the summer is nothing more than a distant memory. I’m a fall person, myself – nothing beats the feeling of waking up in a cozy bed, or relaxing in a warm apartment after a day outside. Plus, it’s easier to tolerate than the heat of summer. As I’m fond of saying, it’s always easier to put more clothes on.

    Fall also means that it’s time to put the summer camping gear away, and to dust off the cold-weather bags. Fall camping, to me, means insulated tents, a thicker sleeping bag, some extra firewood, and a warm jacket that looks like a marshmallow.

    I love camping in the fall. The scenery is beautiful, the parks less crowded, and the skies clearer from the occasional rain. Even my family’s tempers cool down, making a week-long excursion to the coast or the Sierras a delightful experience.

    This week, though, the focus here at National Parks Depot is shifting to some Fall camping foods. Since, let’s be honest: food is one of the best parts of camping! Being able to prepare something from scratch, and making use of your limited resources is one of the coolest parts of a camping trip. Being able to create something for my family with nothing but an open fire and some supplies out of my icebox is the foundation for some of my best camping memories.

    Earlier this week, though, I decided that maybe there was more to camping food than I was expecting. So, I asked some of my coworkers for other recipes. Everyone around me camps at least once or twice a year, and that means there’s a lot of tradition and nostalgia tied up in their own recipes. With this in mind, I wrote down the top 10 recipes from around the office, and put them together with some pictures in an e-book.

    You can get that book here.

    Some of these I’d heard of or even tried before, but others were new ideas for me. I absolutely love potatoes while I’m camping, but I’d never thought of cooking an egg in one! There’s a lot of great recipes that I can’t wait to try, and I’m sure you’ll be able to find something new as well.

    You can get your copy of the book for free, right here.

    Later this week, I’ll be back with my two-parter. In addition to these recipes, I also took the time to research and write down some of the most present hazards to eating while you’re camping. That post will be up on Monday, along with some recommendations on some of my favorite cooking gear from NPD. Stay tuned!

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  • Bear Safety: How To Be Bear Aware

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    Bear Safety

    Bears are deeply misunderstood creatures. Shy, curious, and rather predictable, they are not the ferocious beasts they are often portrayed to be.

    It should come as no surprise to learn that bear encounters occur often in many of our national parks. Despite the fact that bear attacks are actually pretty rare―statistically speaking, your chances of being injured by a bear are approximately 1 in 2.1 million―it's always wise to prep yourself on what to do in the event of an unexpected encounter. By understanding bear behavior and distinguishing between different types of bears, you will not only keep yourself safe, but avoid disrupting the natural environment that they live in.

    Bear Safety

    More often than not, bears wander into towns and campsites in search of food, typically when their usual food source has been depleted or if they have grown accustomed to having access to human food. To prevent unwanted visitors on your next camping trip, it is extremely important that all of your food is properly stored in bear-resistant containers or storage boxes. Keep in mind that this also includes securing garbage bags and locking up scented items, such as toothpaste or scented soap. Never leave these items in your car―bears are attracted to anything with an odor and will have no problem breaking into your vehicle if they think there's food inside! By keeping a clean camp and following the food storage regulations provided by the National Park Service, you will be doing your part to maintain a safe and comfortable atmosphere for everyone.

    Bear Safety

    Prevention is a major key to bear safety, however, you may find yourself in a situation where it's too late for "should have"s. To avoid surprising a bear by catching it off guard, make your presence known by speaking loudly and waving your arms. (Not too frantically―you want the bear to notice you, not view you as a threat.) If the bear still has not caught on to your presence, you may find it helpful to create noise by breaking sticks. It is common for bears to stand up on their hind legs to get a better glimpse of their surroundings; do not mistake this characteristic body language as aggressive. Remain calm, and the bear will likely retreat. Whatever you do, never ever run away or attempt to escape by climbing a tree! Bears, particularly black bears, have evolved to be excellent climbers. While they will usually avoid human interaction, you don't want to test them. Some people choose to carry bear pepper spray as an emergency deterrent; a product that has been proven to be the safest and most effective means of repelling a potential attack.

    Bear Safety Chart

    Overall, being bear aware comes down to two things: having an understanding of bear behavior and having common sense. Come prepared, be smart about your decisions, and treat the animals you meet with respect. The more educated you are on the subject, the safer you will feel the next time you see a bear in the wild.

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