• Basics Behind Hiking And Climbing With Fanny Packs

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    Outdoor activities are pretty much the new craze to many who want to spend time with friends and family.

    Spending time with friends and family in places meant to provide beauty and serenity is what draws people together and strengthens bonds between each other. 

    Among outdoor activities, hiking and climbing have been one of the top and most popular. 

    Before you book a vacation or make a trip with your friends and family, we should carefully go over the difference between hiking and climbing. 

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    What is Hiking?

    Hiking is basically a walk in nature on a specific trail. It's usually a walk from one place to another that's usually planned out beforehand.

    Sometimes the hike might take days to reach the destination. This is why you need camping facilities to support your hike if it's going to be a few days adventuring. A hike can be anywhere where nature is unpolluted and very clean!

    When your on a hike, it's important to carry everything that can support you on the trail. This is usually where a tactical fanny pack will serve you since you can accomodate all the items you will need on any hike!

    What Is Climbing?

    Climbing, however, is extremely difficult. It's pretty much climbing physically from the bottom of a mountain to the top. 

    A lot of people refer to climbing as alpinism or mountaineering. This new hobby has been converted into a competitive sport today, which is extremely popular. It's very entertaining and at the same time very risky for newbies. 

    Climbing requires a good skill set before getting into it. There's different types of climbing, and you decide which category you want to get into by what kind of skill you have in the sport!

    There's rock climbing, snow climbing, along with ice climbing. 

    Just like hiking, it's important to have camping facilities if you want to enjoy the alpinism benefits to the maximum. 

    What You Need For Hiking And Climbing!

    Climbing, on the other hand, is an activity of going up a mountain top. This activity is also known to many as the alpinism or mountaineering. This is a hobby to many that has been converted into a competitive sport today. It is a very entertaining activity and at the same time very risk for the newbies. Climbing requires that the participant be equipped with some special skill before getting into it. You can participate in different types of climbing depending on the skills that you have. There is the rock, snow and ice climbing depending on your preference and skills level. Just like hiking, it is important to have camping facilities if you want to enjoy alpinism benefits to the maximum.

    Before You Get Started...

    Once again, camping facilities are crucial for you to enjoy these outdoor activities to the fullest. We personally advise everyone to carry along a tactical fanny pack on your adventures. This multi-purpose waist pack provides a hands-free storage of your gadget. It's very convenient to carry important items and makes your travel efforts so much easier. 

    There have been many times where I've forgotten very important things such as water, food, sunscreen, a map, my keys and insect repellent that I would have never noticed if I didn't pack it in my tactical fanny pack in advance. 

    You do not want to be halfway through your hike or climb realizing you forgotten these important items! (especially your keys)

    Health Benefits To Hiking And Climbing

    Health benefits to long hikes and climbs are ten fold. First, they distract you from your daily routine and inspire new creativity in your mind. This difference from routine unbelievable can lower your stress and cortisol levels which is good for anyone of any age. 

    Secondly, the exercise from hiking and climbing is even better. It helps you improve mental health and decreases hypertension (high blood pressure). 

    Health is the most important area in your life you should focus on. Any opportunity to get a good exercise in and reduce stress is a must. 

    These activities improve your health and is a good opportunity to spend time with your friends and family. 

    If you haven't gone hiking before, give it a try! And if you have, keep doing so ! 

    And don't forget to bring your tactical fanny back with you !

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