At National Parks Depot, we believe the most beautiful things in life are not things. 

They’re people.  Places.  Memories.  Experiences.

They’re the feeling of fresh mountain air filling your lungs.  Of cool dirt under your feet.  Of rays of sunshine peeking through the trees, reflecting the happiness of your soul.

You’re outside.  And you’re free. 

But sadly, that’s not the reality for everyone.



 Tail Trails

In just the USA alone, over 6,500,000 dogs per year are surrendered to animal shelters to live out the rest of their lives in cramped wire cages. 

We know people just like you love being outdoors.  And although one may not be in a position to adopt a dog, we at National Parks Depot believe you can still share your love of nature with a puppy in a special way.

National Parks Depot is partnering with animal shelters across America to encourage people to get outside, commune with nature, and give love and exercise to a deserving dog while they’re at it through our exclusive Tail Trails program

With Tail Trails, you can pick up a shelter dog and take them out hiking for the day!    You enjoy all the benefits of being outdoors and adventuring in nature, all while giving a shelter pup the loving companionship and exercise that they so desperately need. 

National Park Depot’s ultimate goal of this unique community program is that when you share your pictures from your walk or hike on social media (#tailtrails), someone in your friend network is moved to adopt the shelter dog into their fur-ever homeHey, it may even be you 😊.



Tail Trails Hike

Shop with pride at National Parks Depot knowing that your gear gives back.  We donate 50 cents of every purchase you make to a vulnerable shelter dog in our Tail Trails program which defrays the admin costs of their hiking adventure AND funds their dinner back at the shelter that night!

We are also proud to support those who protect us - and offer a permanent discount code to any members of the armed forces on all products store-wide.  Thank you for your service.  

-->Do you want us to sponsor a Tail Trails charitable event in your city or know of a dog shelter that deserves our support?  Let us know by sending us an email here