Don't Run Out: Refuel

It's a race against the clock because you need to get everything ready before kickoff.


You know Fred is going to arrive early and assault you with news about the best draft prospects.


The last thing you need is questionable TV service, a living room piled high with stuff, a bathroom that isn't clean, a cluttered kitchen, and meat to cook.


So you bust your butt on Friday and all day Saturday and get the first three smoothed out. You've even got chips, crackers and cookies lined up.


But then your grill sputters...


Your flames go out.


Stop the clock!


There's no time to go to the store and get more propane... but there is propane within reach...


You scramble for your camping gear and pump up the oven to 425-degrees (just in case).


You need more propane to grill the chicken and burgers.


In your camping stash you finally find your 1-lb. propane tank and disconnect it from your weathered little camping stove.


How will you get it to fuel your full-size grill?


In this do-or-die situation, you grab the one tool you thought you just got stuck with, your Propane Refill Adapter


You follow the careful gameplan for refilling and like a 4-minute drill, you are back to grilling.

Whew! You shut down the oven and make it to the couch in time to catch the National Anthem.


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