7W Foldable Solar Charger for Backpacks + 2 FREE MOLLE Clips

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What good are MOLLE straps on your bag, if you're not using them for anything? They straps can hold nearly anything, from extra water to first aid supplies. What they shouldn’t be used for, though, are holding batteries. A steady power supply can be hard to come by in the wilderness, and disposable batteries, in addition to being expensive, take up space, can’t be reused, and pollute the environment when they’re disposed of.

Solving wilderness power problems is easy, though, with the NPD Foldable Backpack-Mounted Solar Charger. Included with this charger are two FREE MOLLE straps, allowing it to be easily added to any bag for quick and efficient charging. This solar charger is a fantastic addition to a Bug-Out Bag, able to be mounted over the top of the backpack to conserve storage space within it. The 7W charger is also compatible with nearly all major electronics brands. Unlike heavy and bulky batteries, this solar charger is easy to fold and store on a moment’s notice, and the charger itself also weighs less than a pound, ensuring that it will never be a heavy burden.

Stop your electronic supplies from going dead, no matter how far away from an outlet you might be. The Foldable Backpack-Mounted Solar Charger will ensure that you always have the device power that you’ll require.


  • Overlaid on top of the bag for space conservation
  • MOLLE strap support mounts the charger while you move
  • Adapter/charger station works with most major electronics brands, including Samsung, HTC, Toshiba, Panasonic, Blackberry, Nokia, Sony-Erickson, Palm, Apple, and Motorola
  • Weighs less than a pound (.84 lbs)
  • Includes 2 FREE MOLLE webbing clips
  • Uses USB hookup for charging