2.5L Water Bladder for Backpacks

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Water is the most essential of all supplies. Whether you’re hiking through the Sahara Desert or climbing Mt. Everest, a dependable supply of clean water is the most important essential for your survival. Unfortunately, water is also heavy. Most water containers are bulky, hard to carry, and utilize your backpack’s space very poorly.

With the NPD 2.5L Water Bladder for Backpacks, you can forget your bottles and take your water anywhere, no matter how cramped your backpack’s load might be. The design of this 2.5L water bladder bends and reshapes to suit your backpack’s load, allowing you to carry the maximum amount of water possible in a shape that leaves no wasted space. And because of its measurements and ease of access, it can even be used to track how much water you drink during a normal day.

Whatever your venture, water will certainly be a part of it. Prepare for your escape into the wilds with the NPD 2.5L Water Bladder.


  • 2.5 Liter capacity
  • High-quality, durable and flexible bladder design
  • Can fit into most backpacks, including all backpacks provided by National Parks Depot