3 for 1 Laser Pointer Pack

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3 for the price of 1

Have you ever wished your arms were longer? Whether you were trying to point out a bird’s nest, a constellation, a fire hazard, or even entertaining your pets at home, everyone has experienced a situation where a laser pointer could’ve been the tool you had on hand, but you then came up without one instead.

Demonstrate your wilderness preparedness and expertise with the 3 for 1 Laser Pointer Pack, from National Parks Depot. Featuring 3 high-powered LED laser pointers in a trio of colors, this pack is a fantastic way to point out hazards, paths and features in the wilds, without straining or overexerting yourself, and while still leaving them at a safe distance. The LED bulbs of this laser pack have an estimated run time of 5,000 hours per light, making them long-lasting tools that can be depended on. The small size and unassuming shape also make this laser pointer pack a great gift for the pet lover or survivalist in your life. They can be kept in a pocket or a backpack, making them handy whenever you need them.

Distracting a cat or pointing out a group of wildlife, a high-quality laser pointer is a tool that can be used by anyone. Easily stored, long lasting and durable, the NPD 3 for 1 Laser Pointer Pack is sure to provide you with a satisfactory pointer for any application.


- Includes 3 lasers (1 red, 1 green, 1 blue-purple, all fully assembled)

- Estimated 5,000 hours of use per LED

- Easy to store, great for pointing out hazards

- Fun gift to play with pets

- Can distract wildlife to draw them away from a path or campsite

- Requires 2 AAA batteries each (not included)

WARNING: Never point at people and always avoid direct eye contact. Please keep out of reach of children