Digital LCD Military Style Wrist Watch

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In a world of mobile phones, it’s important that your wrist watch live up to its expectations. Watches can go places that phones can’t. They’re often more durable, with fewer cracked screens or hardware or software malfunctions. They offer functionality at your fingertips, and a non-intrusive, non-distracting way to keep time. You don’t even need to keep them in your pocket, where they could be sat on or provide an unwelcome weight. Most importantly, they’re hands-free, and don’t take up pocket space that could be used for something else.

The Digital, Military Style LCD Wrist Watch fills the shoes of the modern wristwatch, and comes in two styles to suit every lifestyle. 


The Standard model sports an attractive combination of technological and sporty charm. Each watch is manufactured to fit any wrist comfortably, reducing chafing during heavy activity. The standard model prioritizes those who need a sport watch in their life, with a backlight, alarm function, stopwatch and water-resistant (up to 3 ATM) chassis. The Standard model is 4.7 cm in diameter, and 1.4 cm thick. The rubberized band strap is 25 cm long (including the watch) and 2.5 cm wide. This watch is suitable for any sized wrists, from 18-23 cm in diameter.

“Standard” watch features:

  • LCD and Analog time display
  • 4.7 cm case diameter (1.4 cm thick)
  • 2.8 cm wide rubber wrist band (25 cm long, including watch)
  • Quartz-movement ticker
  • Waterproof up to 3 ATM - not suitable to long-term or heavy water exposure


The Plus model is a military-style sportswatch with higher functionality and a larger chassis, and is well-suited to swimming, kayaking, or other water sports. The Plus is water resistant at up to 5 ATM, giving it resistance to up to 50 meters of water. The digital watch can be swapped between 12 and 24-hour time, has 2 years of average battery life, and comes with a 12-month battery life guarantee. The case on the Plus is 5 cm in diameter and 1.6 cm thick, making it slightly larger than the standard model. The strap width is narrower, at 2.2 cm, and the band length (including the watch) is 26.5 cm long. The Plus is also slightly better suited for larger wrists, able to fit those from 18-24 cm in diameter.

“Plus” Watch Features:

  • 50 cm of water resistant depth
  • Digital and Analog time display
  • 5 cm case diameter (1.6-cm thickness)
  • 2.2-cm rubber wrist band width (24 cm wearable length)
  • Both quartz and digital movement
  • Water resistant to 5 ATM - suitable to swimming or other water-heavy activities, but not those which would slam the watch into the water