Emergency Survival Gear Steel Wire Saw

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Cutting, carving and crafting all require a sturdy tool that can go where you need it to. The more reliable the tool, the easier the job. The easier the job, the faster you can work on more important survival needs.

The National Parks Depot Emergency Survival Steel Wire Saw is a high-quality, easily-stored tool that can go anywhere you need it to. The tool makes use of 3 interwoven strands of ribbed steel wire, quickly and easily cutting through small-to-middling sized tree branches and logs. The saw is a fantastic, portable way to ensure you always have kindling and firewood for your campsite, and the design can be store coiled up, folded, or stretched out around other objects. The full length of the blade measures at about 55 cm, with the full saw (including the fasteners and use rings) measuring at 70 cm. The entire design is made of high-quality steel, giving it extra purchase on wood and ensuring that it won’t wear out over time.

Small, portable and easy to use, any responsible survivalist should make sure they include a lightweight steel wire saw in their toolkit. This easily-stored saw is a simple essential for any survivalist bag.


  • 55-cm blade, 70-cm total length
  • Ribbed steel blade design, with a 3-wire woven blade design for more friction
  • Can be stored coiled, folded or stretched