GeoTrek Step Sport Watch with FREE Paracord Wristband

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FREE Paracord Wristband Included

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While you’re out hiking or camping, you might be wishing for an easily accessible pedometer, alarm or stopwatch, without needing to weigh down your pockets with a phone. When scheduling your workout regiments, a more precise tool for measuring your distance over time is often necessary. Even in the home or office space, you’ll often find yourself sitting still and working for extended periods of time, an unhealthy habit that can increase your risk of blood clots or cancer. In any scenario, keeping track of your physical activity and the exact time or date can be a pain, resulting in over-reliance on a mobile device that can slip your mind, and that you might not need to otherwise access.

The GeoTrek Step Sport Watch provides you with an easily-accessible tool to better enable any hiking, camping or workout regimen. This high-quality and durable sport watch provides a versatile array of tools for scheduling or performing in any scenario. The Step’s easily-accessible interface includes a pedometer, clock and movement tracker, and it can immediately track your steps over a time period without even a single touch. The GeoTrek Step also includes the functionality of a stopwatch and alarm, shows the calendar date, and has the memory to track the total number of steps you’ve taken over a day, week or even month.

By wearing the GeoTrek Step Sport Watch, you’re ensuring that health and fitness are always present in your mind, and always visible on your wrist. The watch’s alarm is immediately hearable as soon as it goes off, without the muffling resulting from one stored in your pocket. The GeoTrek Step even enables you to keep time and distance without the burden of a mobile phone. Versatile watch functionality gives you the ability to leave your business and personal world behind when you hike, camp or work out. This watch even comes with a free paracord strap/bracelet, allowing you access to a durable, lengthy rope, literally at your fingertips at any time.

The GeoTrek Step Sport Watch is an essential part of any hiking, camping or workout enthusiast’s gear. Keep track of your workout activity, your travel distance or your hiking time without the tether or distraction of a mobile phone. Stay active and fit with all the convenience and none of the burden of a workout app, with the GeoTrek Step.


  • Includes watch with FREE paracord wristband
  • Multi-use interface, with a pedometer, alarm, stopwatch, calendar mode in addition to the digital time
  • Steps taken recently displayed on the front of the watch
  • Easy, quick-press buttons to swap between modes
  • Readily visible and easy to access on the fly