Moon Glow 550 Paracord 20'

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These paracord lines are great for rigging tarps. In an emergency situation you are able to untie the inner strands and make fishing line.  Paracords have been around since WWII, developed to be used for suspension with parachutes. Now days its used for a variety of purposes. Tie down your tents during the day so that at night when they begin to illuminate you will be able to avoid tripping over your lines.   Grab your paracord today its fun to play with and just all around awesome to have.


  • Moon Glow Paracord:  This paracord illuminates brightly throughout the night after being charged a few hours in the sun light. Line test is 550 lbs.   
  • Moon Glow Reflective Paracord: The Moon Glow Reflective Paracord has 9 threads weaved together to create a strong hold that holds up to 350 lbs test. Also glows during the night.
  • Type: Luminous Parachute Cord
  • Material: Nylon
  • Advantage: High tensile 9 thread 
  • Diameter:  4.0mm
  • Length:   20ft