NPD LED Flashlight + Battery + Charger

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Climbing a mountain, spelunking through a cave, burning the midnight oil on a hike or repairing your automobile, you need light in your life no matter what you’re doing. A high-powered, compact and lightweight flashlight is a must-have tool in any modern survivalist’s bag or backpack. A flashlight is an absolute necessity in many situations – it can be used to blind or scare off predators, to navigate tricky terrain during low-visibility hours, and can even signal for help.

The NPD LED Flashlight (with rechargeable battery, charger and carrying case) is one of the high-quality essentials needed for any survival situation. Built to utilize a heavy-duty aluminum-alloy design, the flashlight is durable despite its light design, and uses a 100,000 hour high-powered LED to keep on working for years to come. The design is water-resistant (it stops rain, snow and other elements without problem), and built with an expanding/retracting dimmer twist functionality. This design allows you a long light beam for signaling help or attracting attention, as well as a flood functionality for wide-range coverage and navigation. At full focus, the flashlight provides full, bright irradiation for over 50 meters! 

The flashlight includes a wrist-strap to keep it with you during unexpected tumbles, and can be stored in the included durable plastic case. The flashlight can run using the included rechargeable battery and charger, or with 3 AAA batteries and the included AAA battery adapter.

Wherever your life takes you, you’ll be glad to have this high-powered LED flashlight by your side. With a versatile, dependable design, the NPD LED Flashlight will be a tool that you can count on for decades to come.

NOTE: Please remove plastic wrappings from rechargeable battery (inside flashlight) before attempting to charge or use.


  • Aluminum alloy design
  • Water resistant (not waterproof)
  • Comes in a durable, padded plastic carrying case
  • Powered by rechargeable battery (18650 3.6v/3.7v, included) OR 3 AAA batteries (not included), with included adapter
  • Includes charger (plugs into flashlight)
  • Flashlight has a dimmer twist function, enabling light focus adjustment
  • 5-mode functionality: high/medium/low/strobe/SOS
  • 100,000, high-powered LED
  • Includes a strap
  • Size(mm):170 x 38(bezel)/30(body)
  • Net Weight (ounces): 6 ounces
  • Max output: 2000 lumens (with optimal battery)