Propane Refill Adapter

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Fuel: Propane
Application Method: Manual
Structure: One-Piece
Category: Gas Stove
Usage Condition: Normal Outdoor
Adapter: 1lb adapter


  1. Be sure that all tanks are off!
  2. Then connect adapter to large filler tank. 
  3. Connect empty tank to the other side of the adapter. (DO NOT DISCONNECT ADAPTER WITH TANK ATTATCHED)
  4. While all components are connected slowly open valve. Filling should take only few minutes.
  5. When filling is finished Close the Valve. (BE SURE THAT VALVE IS CLOSED.)
  6. Disconnect the small canister from the adapter. (DO NOT DISCONNECT ADAPTER FROM FILLER TANK)
  7. Once small tank is disconnected you can disconnect the adapter from the filler tank.

Following these instructions is extremely important. 

This device if improperly used can cause serious injury or death. Use with extreme caution.