Tactical Trail Dog Vest

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A dog can be a great asset to you while you’re hiking or camping. They can be used to help carry supplies while you camp, bearing a portion of your camping load to help ease the strain on yourself. Properly outfitting your dog can even ensure that your pooch is able to carry his own food and water. Dogs are also invaluable hunting partners, and if you plan to take your dog hiking, it’s imperative that they’re prepared for any potential environment, including cliffs or other terrain that they might not be able to climb without your help.

With the Tactical Trail Dog Vest, you can ensure that your dog is prepared for any new environment, no matter their size. This doggie-sized vest is highly durable and versatile, and its protective design ensures that your dog’s coat and body are well-protected against any ground-level threats. This vest is ideal for making sure that your dog won’t be troubled by thorns, snares, or branches, allowing it to move through any new or unfamiliar environment without an issue.

The Tactical Trail Dog Vest also features modular strap support, allowing you to share the load with your companion. Whether you’re lugging a tent, sleeping supplies or simply ensuring that your dog can carry its own food and water, this modular strap support ensures nearly infinite options and combinations. The full-body design facilitates larger attachable modules, and is also useful as a restraint when you take your dog with you on your hikes. The design fastens below the dog’s chest, enabling you to lift your friend to any heights that you can reach yourself.

By integrating a sleek, low-key design into the fabric, this dog vest is a fantastic asset to have while hunting, affording your dog the mobility and camouflage that you both need while on the hunting grounds. The Tactical Trail Dog Vest is even useful for when you’re at home. The full-body design of the vest can act as a restraint while you’re walking, stopping your dog from bolting in front of cars, or jumping on other pets.

Man’s best friend can be one of the best parts of any life, whether you’re camping or at home. But without the proper equipment, a dog can be as much of a hindrance as a help. A responsible owner will always ensure that their dog is well-protected and controlled when taking them out of the house. Usable in any environment, the Tactical Trail Dog Vest is a must-have item for any responsible pet-owner.


  • Durable construction covers upper chest and torso
  • Secures around lower chest and neck, for better control of overenthusiastic pets
  • MOLLE strap support for sharing your load with your dog
  • Low-key, easily-camouflaged designs
  • Stops snares from ground-level hazards like thorns and branches, especially when your dog needs to move fast
  • Can be decorated as a uniform for service dogs or police K-9s
  • A variety of sizes and shapes suited to any dog

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