Xtreme Universal Solar Powered Battery Charger

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Did you know that the VERY first thing that sells out in emergencies is batteries? Even before all the food and water is gone, batteries have left the shelf.

Do you know why?

Because batteries are ENERGY. And energy produces heat, light and power for emergency and communication devices.

This NPD Xtreme Universal Solar Charger holds two Two of the same type and size batteries (D, C, AA, AAA and Prismatic). It puts out about 150mA and about 5 volts. Many other solar battery chargers tested were unsuitable because their voltage was too low.

There is a built-in stand on the bottom of the charger, which can be adjusted so that the charger points directly towards the sun. This will allow you to get the maximum charge rate for your batteries. The meter on the top shows you the current output from the solar panel. A diode is used to block current when there is no sun so the batteries can hold there charge. The solar charger will also charge 7 different sizes of Prismatic rechargeable batteries. Prismatic batteries are a fairly new battery used for some mobile devices.

The Universal Solar Battery Charger is compact in which it makes it more convenient for home or travel. grab Yours Today!