2 ZoomTech 2000 Flashlights

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Due to the popularity of our FREE 2 Pack Special, ZoomTech 2000 may sell out. As of TODAY we do have a limited supply of ZoomTech 2000 LED Flashlights IN STOCK and ready to ship within the next 24 hours. Only one free set per order.


Think you'll be able to survive in the wild without a proper light source? THINK. AGAIN. Lighting is essential in your day-to-day routine, and it won't matter if you're repairing an engine, fixing computer cables or going on a midnight hike, you need to be able to see what you're doing.

Fortunately, we're so eager to get the ZoomTech into your hands that we're actually giving it away. You can get two of these lights for free, if you just pay shipping and handling. Their adjustable cone makes them ideal for any application, with a press-sensitive toggle that cycles through FIVE modes of operation.

Get the ZoomTech today, and you'll never need another flashlight again.


  • Lightweight aluminum body
  • 1,000-lumen LED bulb
  • Adjustable end allows you to narrow or widen cone for various uses
  • 5 modes of operation - bright, medium and low beams, SOS, and strobe
  • Water and shock-resistant design is guaranteed to continue working